New Dad Realizes That Doctor Saw His Wife Naked, Takes Drastic Measures

Doctor Muhannad Al Zabn who helped his wife give birth was shot by her husband. The reason? The doctor was a male and he didn’t want another man to see his wife naked. He said a woman doctor should have performed the delivery.

When the new dad discovered that a male doctor had performed the delivery of his child, he went to the hospital to confront Al Zabn. He initially told the doctor he wanted to see him to thank him. So the new dad met the doctor in the garden of the hospital and at some point during the conversation, he allegedly took out a gun and shot the unsuspecting doctor.

The wounded doctor was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital. The new dad tried to run but the police caught him and placed him under arrest.

A spokesperson for the King Fahad Medical City hospital confirmed the incident to Gulf News and said that authorities were investigating it.

According to Newsweek, the incident was met with somewhat divided opinion online. Most sympathized with the injuried doctor, but a few questioned why the father was put in such a position.

One Twitter user said “Just when you thought ‘jealousy’ can’t get worse,” who sympathized with the doctor.

But Newsweek also reported that a prominent Arab Twitter user named Ahmad S. Algarni said that the hospital should have met the demands of the father.

Sources: Newsweek